How to Grow Khalifa Kush?

Khalifa Kush is a hybrid strain, exclusively created for the renown American rapper and cannabis lover Wiz Khalifa. This blend contains 80% Indica( gives relaxing and sedative effects) and 20% Sativa( provides energizing effects). Besides, it contains a TCH content of about 26 to 29 percent and a CBD level of 2 percent. However, it is believed that the strain is explicitly cultivated for the rapper, so its growth techniques are never made public.

The genetic origin of the Khalifa Kush

The Indica-dominant hybrid Khalifa Kush is an offspring of White Fire OG. Due to confidentiality between cultivators and the celebrity Wiz Khalifa, no one knows its exact growing technique. Except that it is a rare phenotype of OG and took many years to grow. Whilst, the strain is also known as a Wiz Khalifa OG because of its origin.

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The appearance of Wiz Khalifa Kush OG!

The Khalifa Kush is a bright green, dense, bushy, and contains a thick layer of frosty trichomes with orange/white pistil hairs. The plant can be grown in an indoor environment because of its medium height. Meanwhile, this marijuana strain was specifically created by a Cookie Co. 415, dispensary of San Jose, CA for rap artist 

How to grow khalifa kush?

It is a difficult task to grow Khalifa Kush strain as its formulas are unavailable for the public. It is also believed that the original technique is more discreet and can only use to cultivate cannabis for Wiz Khalifa. However, as we know it’s a phenotype of OG Kush so it can be created like its parent plant. However, its flowering time depends on the environment. Therefore, its different features regarding plant growth are explained as follows:

  • Indoor flowering time and yield: 9 weeks and approximately 17 ounces per square meter planted
  • Outdoor flowering time and yield: Flowering time throughout the summer and can reap be early September and late October. Anticipated to yield of about 13oz/plant.

Growing Techniques for Khalifa Kush

The marijuana strain Khalifa Kush is a medium-size plant and easily grow at home in controlled environments. This blend can grow by using the following growing techniques:

  • Sea of Green( SOG)
  • The screen of Green (SCROG) set up

Furthermore, the Sea of the green method of growing cannabis usually forces the flowering of a plant in a vegetative state. This technique allows harvesting a plant at a very young age than the normal growth of plants. However, the SOG technique is beneficial for harvesting plants in a small space without sacrificing yield.    

Meanwhile, the Screen of the green technique brings the lower branches up and the upper branches down. SCROG helps to form an even and horizontal canopy. This method provides fantastic yields, improve growth, and reduce the risk of pathogens. Besides, this method can provide even light exposure to the canopy. Moreover, for suitable yield keep the pH levels must be between 5.7-6.0. According to reports, some Reef Dispensaries are exclusively selling this strain, one can purchase and grow at home for recreational and medical purposes.