Why You Should Use Khalifa Kush

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Khalifa Kush is a strain grown in and branded by American rapper Wiz Khalifa. If you are a fan of the artist, you will be glad that he has his cannabis. There are various cannabis products. It is a descendant of OG Kush and was bred specifically for the rapper Wiz Khalifa. Which is harvested on the singer’s farm? Many dispensaries in the US are growing and selling the marijuana brand. You can also get its seed and grow at your place. This strain is marketed as Khalifa Kush. Also, it has an Indica-dominant hybrid that also goes by the names Wiz Khalifa OG, Wiz OG, and KK. 

This smoking marijuana is not available for the public, but those who have acquired strains under this name say that the effects and aromas are similar to that of OG Kush: sour lemon and pine, with an active cerebral buzz ideal for morning and daytime use.

Khalifa Kosh THC levels range between 24 and 28%, while its dominant lines are marine, caryophyllin, and limonene. The genocide of the caliph indicates that it is the offspring of OG Kush. 

At the time of Harvest, its buds are small or medium-sized, dense, and forest green. They mostly shaped like cones thick layer of trichomes. The nugs of Khalifa Kush marijuana plants look like green popcorn, small and dense. These buds scent like lemons and pine. And its taste is similar to sour lemons though with a bit of sour earth apparent on the exhale.

Consumers describe the weed as being energizing, uplifting, and mood-enhancing. While few consumers have found it causing Dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, Dizzy, and Anxious. Because of its pain-releasing effect, reviewers smoke it as a choice strain for daytime use. They also called marijuana a wake-and-bake strain.

Medical Effects and benefits

khalifa kush, Buy Marijuana Online-Peakmedicalcare

  1. Khalifa Kush has some light sedative effects, making it popular for patients seeking an ideal medical strain. This blend is known to be very effective in treating chronic stress disorders, gradually and gently soothing the patients and allowing them to naturally find their inner calm.
  2. This strain can be used to help soothe feelings of depression in many cases too, allowing the patients to feel more positively about themselves and their lives. Khalifa Kush can help energize you to encourage you to be more active and is therefore very useful against chronic fatigue.
  3. Khalifa Kush has also been proven to be effective in treating chronic pain such as backaches, migraines, muscle spasms, and other minor and major complaints. This strain may help ease headaches and encourage patients to feel more relaxed at the same time, having an overall healing effect.

Adverse Reactions

Despite its potentially insane amount of THC, its adverse effects are not that any different from milder strains. Of course, some conditions typically occur with cannabis use such as having dry mouth and eyes. Furthermore, some people may experience dizziness.

On rare occasions, a few may find themselves feeling a little bit anxious or paranoid. One possible reason is that these are beginners who were caught off guard by the intense buzzing high. Another is that an individual is simply more susceptible.

Reviews on the effect of Khalifa kush

351 people who use this marijuana have reported 2871 effects

Feeling after smoke

Among them, 64% said they feel Happy, 63% fell Relaxed after smoking. While 52%

Voted for Euphoric and 52% for Uplifted in the feeling after the use. 40% of the users say they sense Creativity. 

Helping Against

Those weed users have found it helping against different problems like Stress (33% voted), Depression (29%), Pain (24%), Anxiety 20%, and Lack of appetite (15%). 


Few people feel negative effects after khalifa kush use. About 22% feel Dry mouth, 

13% Dry eyes and 5% of consumers feel Dizzy after the use. The weed causes Anxiety and headache to 3% of them.

One of the consumers said that it’s a smooth smoke and very relaxing.

One consumer wrote that the Khalifa strain is definitely for heavyweights.

Another review was explained it having Wonderful smell and color. The reviewer wrote It’s a HEAVY weight for sure! Real easy to overdo it with KK. The high is just as fun as it is strong.

One customer purchased its seed and grew it. He reviewed that growing it from seed was a real pleasure watching the true colors develop over a 10-week flowering time. 

Somone praised it Smells fruity with balanced effects. Great for daily use and night out.

Price of Khalifa Kush

The pricing of khalifa kush is different at different stores. Price ranges from $140.00 – $280.00 at Peakmedicalecare. This is the best pricing available in the market. You can have a look at the pricing of Khalifa kush at Peakmedicalecare.

Khalifa Kush is a genetic variation of White fire OG

Khalifa Kush (KK) is a variation of White Fire OG (Also called Wifi OG). Wifi OG is an Indica-dominant (60/40 Indica) hybrid strain of cannabis. The THC level of cannabis is regular at 25 percent while its CBD content is quite low – generally around 0.5 percent. This type of marijuana is quite famous for medical and recreational dispensaries in the Americas and Europe. However, because it has high THC and low CBD. That’s Why it is not suitable for the patient with a serious disorder like epilepsy. Also, its smoke is harsh to inhale according to some users. So, it may not be appropriate for people trying to avoid coughing due to pain or lung irritation.

Generally, Wifi OG smells like diesel fuel and earthy. Some consumers have said it tastes like pepper and lemon. While some feel oaky, musky, and sweet. Its details suggest that one can smoke it in the morning and midday and not get too sleepy. For recreational users, this herb may be suited to creative and social activities.

KK is a premier type of White Fire OG. People can grow at home in a controlled environment. The best is using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique or a Screen of Green (SCROG) set up. Keeping the pH levels between 5.7 – 6.0 yields a suitable product. The indoor growing grows flowering after 65 days.  

Khalifa Kush seed

This undeniably enjoyable strain can be grown at home. You can purchase it and grow to get recreational and relaxing weed. The origin of the seed is OG Kush. The marijuana is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.


Info about growing Khalifa Kush is not easily available, but we do know that the plant is a phenotype of its parent strain OG Kush. This plant has grown to be bushy and medium-sized and is a perfect candidate for the screen of green growing techniques.

Flowering Time

Flowering time varies according to the environment and is explained below.


Khalifa Kush grown indoors can produce a yield of about 17 ounces per square meter planted. This strain can be expected to take an average of about 9 weeks to flower and be ready for a generous harvest.


Khalifa Kush grown outdoors can be expected to flower throughout the summer and be ready for a harvest around late September to early October. This plant can be expected to yield an average of about 13 ounces of bud per plant.


Seeds package starts from the price of $29.99.

nugs of KK buds are small to medium in sized.

You can recognize it as they are dense dark forest green spade-shaped. These nugs are neon green undertones and have a spattering of furry fiery orange hairs. they have sweet sticky resin and are dusted with a fine layer of chunky white crystal trichomes.

khalifa kush grape syrup

The brand also has grape syrup. This syrup is suitable for those who want to enjoy the sizzurp without consuming the addictive prescription drug, codeine. The bottle is 100ml, so a patient can take the whole bottle of Wiz Khalifa THC-concentrated. Per bottle has 9 serving and THC serving cuts 11 per serving. 

khalifa kush mango syrup

Khalifa Kush Mango THC Syrup 100mg is a product from Reef Dispensaries – Las Vegas North Dispensary. It is made by utilizing the in house grown Khalifa Kush flower. Made with the extraction of ethanol, Mango syrup is available in 100ml size. Then Flavor and color are added to the THC Distillate. 

The syrup is packed in a black opaque bottle. The yellow royal liquid comes out of the rubber-topped dropper. The flow of the sticky icky mimics the consistency of Dayquil or Nyquil Cough Syrup. Finally, the sleek black and gold foil box presents the appeal of an exclusive, luxury project and makes it exciting to open the package and finally reveal the capsule.

It smells like medicine- like concentrate. After adding some saccharine or corn syrup, its aroma becomes sweeter. 

Its consumers say that the sugared syrup is a similar taste to over the counter cough syrups. Khalifa mango syrup tastes like Mango Hi-Chew candy’s mango imitation. However, the taste neither matches mango nor cannabis as the name is. 

Khalifa Kush Mango THC Syrup takes about 20 to 30 minutes to take the first effect. After using, legs begin to feel a bit numb body falls into a Zen state. Movements start to feel weighted and the smoker feels the sensation of operating in slow motion. The dose doesn’t affect sleep. Many doses in a single day do not affect the deep night sleep.

khalifa kush vape cartridge

Khalifa kush also sell highly potent and stylish vape cartridge. The vape oil gives Healthiest Vaping Experience and has No Glycol or Glycerin. The cannabis oil tube is the best daily lives drives for both recreational and medical users. The pure vape oil is packed in a modern ceramic cartridge. 

The cleanest OG CO2 cartridges offer 74.5% THC concentration. The concentration is among the highest in the market. Indica vape is extracted through a proprietary CO2 method and triple distilled for utmost purity. This presents you with a clean cannabis concentrate packed with the natural tastes and flavors of the original strain.

KK vape is unique in the market as it delivers what claims. A team of highly skilled professionals extracts 100% organic vape oils meeting the Prop 215 regulations. So, the costumers can get the original taste and enjoy the highly potent cannabis. 

Khalifa pure vape oil cartridge is kept relaxing as well social. It makes you feel comfortable sitting while discussing matters. It will wipe your stress and the immense pressure of the challenges of your responsibility.

You can get the solvent-free product at $30.00. 

Khalifa Kush in Denver

RiverRock North

Based in Denver, RiverRock is one of Colorado’s first licensed marijuana businesses. The Company operates two strategically located dispensaries in Denver offering both medical and recreational cannabis, cannabis-related products. The dispensary is one of the most prominent marijuana sellers in the city. 

Multi-Platinum Sales, Golden Globe and Grammy-nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa have partnered with the dispensary on a special line of regular cannabis products. The partnership with Riverrock marks Khalifa’s first such partnership in the cannabis industry.

This partnership with Riverrock involves the preparation and manufacture of Wiz Khalifa curated strains, created products, and concentrations. The store also sells Khalifa Kush flowers and concentrates.

You can get the weed and other KK products from any of the dispensaries in Denver.

  • Denver Kush Club 

  • Pure Marijuana Dispensary 


Khalifa Kush is Indica-dominant marijuana bred and branded by the rapper Wiz Khalifa. The Hollywood artist claims it originated from OG Kush. This weed is a daytime dose which smoker can take even in discussion hour. Most of the users find themselves relaxing, creative, and stress-free after consuming. It is a heavy dose that may not be suitable for some patients. You can grow it in your garden as well. 

Other high-demand products of Khalifa Kush are mango syrup, orange syrup, and vape cartridge. 

The number of dispensaries in the US sells seed, cannabis, and other Khalifa products such as mango syrup, orange syrup, and vape cartridge.