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Peakmedicalcare cannabis FAQ (frequently asked questions)  by customers, browse to find a reply to your question, if your unable to find a reply to your question please do not hessitate to contact us direct at or visit our contact us page

Do you need qualifications to work here?

We do not require any cannabis or marijuana related certifications. It wouldn’t hurt if you have worked in a cannabis industry business or have attended classes at a Cannabis University – such as Oaksterdam in Oakland, California. We have a multi-talented staff with diverse backgrounds – For some members of our team, this is their first “marijuana” dispensing job. Our staff has come from the following industries: Construction, Retail, Hospitality – Bars, Restaurants, Hotels — you get the point! If you are thinking of joining our team, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are always accepting applications for employment.

Do you deliver out of California? How safe is it?

Yes we do send out of California. We have been into this business for more than a decade and have perfect mastery of how to send to non legal states. We take a lot of precaution in doing this because we care a lot for the safety of our clients. This is how we ensure safe delivery to our client ls in non legal states.
All our products are measured into individual small plastic Ziploc bags packs, labeled accurately, then carefully vacuum sealed in a plastic/metallic bag. They are then shipped in a standard envelope or bubble-pack envelope. The outside of the shipping envelope contains no reference to the products.Sealed stealthy for discrete delivery

Are you open right this very minute?

We are open a total of 98 hours per week — 7 Days a week from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM. If in doubt, give us a call at the dispensary —949-381-1778. We look forward to serving you soon.

Can I buy cannabis / marijuana based products for my friends and family?

Under current California law, it is not legal to purchase marijuana for anyone besides yourself unless you are a designated primary caregiver.

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Our buying managers work long hours evaluating products and vendors to bring our patients the safest and best medicine available in  San Diego. Our menu is expansive and includes an abundance of THC and CBD rich products. Indica, sativa, hybrid, extracts, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, pens, cartridges, topicals, apparel, and accessories are available daily. If we are out of an item, our budtenders or patient consultants will happily recommend an alternative medicine until yours comes back into our store inventory.

What forms of payment do you accept? Credit Cards? Debit? Cash? Bitcoin?

We currently do not accept debit and credit cards. We take Cash at our store front and for deliveries, we accept payments via CashApp, Moneygram, Zelle, Walmart2Walmart and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin). Due to federal financial and legal restrictions, most merchant banks do not accept Californian medical marijuana dispensaries as customers. Visa and Mastercard have both come out publicly to state their marijuana policy — That is, no federally illegal transactions may occur inside their systems. As soon as the Federal Government provides additional clarity to banks and financial institutions around credit card processing for medical marijuana, we will be first in line to sign up for a credit card merchant account. At the same time, we are working on getting more payment options in place.

Do you have a vape lounge or general smoking area inside the dispensary?

We appreciate that you’d like to hang and chill for a while. At this time, our floor space doesn’t allow for a patient medication area. We are working to expand the dispensary size, which will not only allow for a patient medication area, but will help us stay fully stocked on all the items our patients love the most – flowers, concentrates, edibles, and well, 500+ products. Thank you for your continued support.

The vape cartridge I just bought is defective. Do you accept returns or exchanges?

In short – yes. All of us will have the unpleasant experience of a defective cartridge. From time to time, the concentrated hash oil doesn’t vaporize properly, leaks, or and simply has a hard time ‘working simply’. Anytime you are unsatisfied with the medicine, please bring the unused portion back to PeakMedicalCare at Post/Polk and let us help you exchange it for another item, or if you would like, we will gladly offer a refund.

If I was unsatisfied with the quality of the medicine, can I return it?

We make every effort to test the medicine that makes it to our dispensary shelves. We also encourage our patients to take their time and ask questions that will help you determine the proper medicine to address you as an individual, and also with care and compassion in understanding your primary, secondary, and tertiary disease and injury prevention concerns. Our budtenders will be glad to show you flower, hash, oil, and other product samples. Once a patient exits the dispensary premises with marijuana and/or cannabis-infused medicinal products, we cannot accept returns. The exception to this policy is if the product itself is found to be defective, such as in technology-related products.

What are the best medicinal herbs you have (cannabis, flowers, tinctures, edibles, etc.)?

The best medicine is the one that works for you. With that said, after a decade in business, rest assured — Our bar is set to the highest level. You will always find high-quality products that will meet your individual tastes and preferences. When speaking to a patient consultant, please be as specific as you’d like when describing your primary health concerns and/or your overall wellness goals. We pride ourselves on our extensive selection and product knowledge. In fact, many of our patient consultants, budtenders, security guards and joint rollers have been with us for over five years. Pro Tip: We recommend you keep a log on which medicines work for you so we can be sure to properly address your ongoing care objectives together. In a short time, you will learn which cannabis / marijuana medicines will help you transition into a restful state as well as which flower strains will help you stay active and creative.

How much of this edible should I eat?

When medicating with edibles, the golden rule is “Start low, and go slow.” That is to say — Eat the minimum recommended dose and go up slowly (5mg – 10mg at a time). Also, remember when you ingest edibles, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes, to more commonly 30-45 minutes, and in some cases, up to 1-2 hours for the full effect of the ingested edible – please take it slow and learn the dosages that work for your body and mind. The end goal is to reach your Goldilocks Effect – finding your precise dose – not overdosed and not underdosed — Exactly what cannabis, marijuana, and flower products work for you and for how long. When in doubt Talk to your budtender about how you’d like to feel.

What do I use as proof that am permitted to posses medical cannabis?

You will receive a registration certificate from CannMart that can be used as your proof of authorization to possess cannabis. To acquire this documentation, you must first visit your Healthcare Provider and qualify for medical cannabis. They will decide the daily dosage that you are allowed to ingest. Your doctor will also sign their name, their address, license numbers and any other additional information that is required of him/her. Your licensed producer must receive these medical documents, and you will need to provide the following details including your full name, date of birth, address and some other personal information that will be exchanged in a professional and confidential manner. You should always ensure that while you possess cannabis, you are carrying some sort of documentation to prove you are a medical cannabis recipient. Making sure you have this evidence with you at all times will ensure that you will not be prosecuted for possessing, consuming or handling cannabis in public or your home

Who is eligable for a medical cannabis Prescription?

To qualify for a medical cannabis prescription, you will need to provide appropriate medical documentation confirming your diagnoses by a healthcare professional. The licensed medical cannabis doctor will assess and analyze the information you have provided and decide whether you are eligible for medical cannabis.

What is medical cannabis?

The term medical cannabis refers to the use of the cannabis plant, as it is claimed to medically aid in treatment of a variety of ailments. Through its chemical compounds, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), cannabis has been reported to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions. Cannabis is considered the leaves, flowers and bud of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. The health benefits of medical cannabis have been reported to range from pain and muscle spasms to nausea associated with chemotherapy.

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Our staff are dedicated to the business and have both personal and professional interests in making you (our customers) happy. We want this business to flourish and become something mainstream that everyone has access to. If, for any reason you are upset or drexed with issues in your life please respect our staff and other customers when dealing with them. We are not equipped to deal with personal issues and just want you to be happy so please, be patient.