Buddies Cartridges


Get you buddies cartridges at peakmedicalcare. Here you go; Another unpopular cartridge brand. The Buddies Brand produces the highest quality, best tasting THC Products at a price that fits your budget.  68.2% – 95%+ THC / 13% – 48.74% CBD /5.01% – 7.63% Terpenes. Our Patent Pending Real Cannabis terpene process ensures that your cartridge tastes as good as the amazing flower it came from.  Our fruit flavors are authentic and provide an explosion of wonderful fruit flavor. Buddies Brand concentrates capture the full-bodied aromatic experience of the whole cannabis plants it is sourced from carefully crafted from fresh-frozen and whole-plant flowers for maximum terpene flavors.




– Sour Tangie
– Skywalker OG
– OG Kush
– Sour Sunset
– Blackberry
– Banana
– Koala
– Raspberry
– Grape
– Orange
– Fruit Punch
– Blueberry Kookies
– Krunch Berry Kush
– Purple OG Kush