La mota 1g Cartridges


Order the La Mota 1g Cartridges from peakmedicalcare. This is another rare brand of vape cartridges however it is known in many parts of California. It is a full gram of cannabis extract conveniently placed in a cartridge that attaches to your own rechargeable battery for your enjoyment. This cartridge has the following effects: Calm, Ernegetic, Happy Relaxed.



– Alien Dream
– Chemdawg
– Cherry Pie
– Citrus Sap
– Cvndyland
– Diesel Moonshine
– Dr Grinspoon
– Godfather
– Granola Funk
– Green Gelato
– Hindu Kush
– Huckleberry Kookies
– Irish Cream
– Mimosa
– Panama Red
– Sugar Kookie
– Wedding Cake
– Cinnabun
– Grape Ape
– Headband
– Marionberry
– Maui Wowie
– Piña Colada
– Razz Lemonade
– White Widow